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Article organization[edit]

  1. Naming articles:
    1. Do not capitalize any words in the article name, except for words that are capitalized grammatically. Capitalize the first letter of the first word (wiki should do this automatically)
    2. Use full names for any articles you create. Create a redirect page for any abbreviations and alternate spellings
    3. Unless a significant part of the article's or the section's content is a list, the name of the article/section should be singular. This way the article can be linked while appearing either singular ([[article]]) or plural ([[article]]s), without needing to setup redirects.
  2. Header names: The same rules that apply to naming articles apply to headers
  3. Article size: Generally, articles should be big enough that they comprehensively cover a single subject.
  4. Categories: Always group articles into categories. If you are unsure which category fits best, start a discussion on the talk page of the article.

Writing style[edit]

  1. Write objectively, not in the first person.
    • Correct: NATO has assets in listening posts in Iceland.
    • Incorrect: I always watch the gap north of Stykkisholmur.
  2. Use a third person narrative when possible. Strategy guides are exempt from this rule, but it is still preferred.
    • Correct: The player can shut off radar to halt some radiation seeking missiles.
    • Incorrect: You can shut off radar to stop incoming missiles.
  3. Use a semi-formal register.
    • Correct: It's recommended for ... to prioritize the use of submarines over surface assets.
    • Incorrect: ... should obviously attack with subs and not ships.
    • Correct: The Soviets have multiple options for engaging in Eastern Europe. One strategy is to...
    • Incorrect: The best way for the Soviets to engage in Eastern Europe is to start with radar in Yugoslavia...
  4. Write in general, abstract terms.
    • Correct: Small Diameter Bombs are excellent at destroying ground targets...
    • Incorrect: SDB's excel at smashing tanks.
  5. Capitalization should only be used for the first letter in a sentence, and proper nouns. The name of game mechanics do not count as proper nouns.
  6. Please use gender neutral language such as they instead of he or her
  7. The wiki views both US and UK English as acceptable languages and there is no need to correct between the two, however consistency through a page is appreciated
  8. If you need to refer to a date, use only an unambiguous format.
    • Correct: 12 November 1964; November 12, 1964; 1964-11-12
    • Incorrect: 11-12-1964; 12-11-1964

Wiki formatting[edit]

  1. Wikis work due to the use of internal links to other pages, the first instance of any other page should be linked with square brackets [[like this]]
  2. Do not emphasize text with underline or CAPITALS, use italics instead, in addition avoid excessive use of bold
  3. Write so that everyone can participate: do not personalize articles by signing them or naming game concepts after yourself.
  4. The use of links in Section names should be avoided, please use the main template instead.
  5. Do not use html code where wiki code exists to perform the same action, this includes plainlists, paragraphs and line breaks
  6. Avoid using the tier 1 title wherever possible
  7. Indent bullet points using multiple asterisks (**) instead of the colon followed by an asterisk (:*).


  1. When using acronyms it is helpful to link to either a database entry or a page to cover the technology. SAM, or SDB for example.
  2. If a feature requires an expansion please note it so new players are not confused. For example damage modelling from Chains of War.
  3. Specify the database, either DB3000 or Cold War Database if necessary.
  4. Use the <syntaxhighlight lang="lua" line='line'>CODE HERE</syntaxhighlight> when showing lua.
1 ScenEdit_AddExplosion ({warheadid=253, lat=unit.latitude, lon=unit.longitude, altitude=unit.altitude})


  1. Please use unit symbols created at Spatial Illusions.
  2. MIL-STD-2525C, Warfighting Scheme
  3. Icons can denote a highlight for a link, but keep the link itself as text. link= will prevent it from being click-able.
  4. Use a screen capture tool like ShareX and either link Imgur or upload a file here.
  5. contains a list of all uploaded images.
  6. Properly attribute images per Wikipedia standards or use images that you have created.