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  • Create a basic guide covering :
    • SEAD Tactics
    • Operations Guides
    • Good starter scenarios
    • ASW Tactics
    • Sub Tactics
  • Create a detailed guide on a single menu :
    • Choosing Loadouts
  • Scenario Guides
    • Add to the campaign Tips and Tricks section for campaign missions.
    • Add popular community campaign missions to the scenario list.


  • UI and Basic Usage
  • Creating your own scenario
  • Lua Basics

Lua and Events[edit]

  • Conventions in use with ScenEdit
  • Triggers, Conditions, and Actions
  • Lua Snippets and Repository - Create a detailed description of what your function does.

Wanted Pages[edit]

  • What do 'you' want? Add it below!
    • Resources for scenario creators, categorized by nation and/or time period.

(Theohedd is willing to do some work on this once the page is created)