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Command: The Silent Service (TSS) is a standalone expansion for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations focusing on submarine operations from the 1950's to the late 2010's. The expansion consists of eighteen scenarios (12 with unrelated storylines and 6 with storyline linked to a hypothetical World War 3 in 1985).


Delta Force[edit]

Command a modern Russian nuclear ballistic missile submarine (SSBN) and conduct a simulated missile launch against a target in the Kamchatka peninsula.


Using two 688i class nuclear attack submarines (SSN) conduct a Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) strike on an airfield in Iran.

Chicken Kiev[edit]

Recreate the daring mission undertaken by HMS Swiftsure to photograph the screw of the Soviet V/STOL carrier Kiev. Actual photograph of the Kiev's screw taken from HMS Swiftsure


Infiltrate Soviet waters in the midst of a large air defence exercise in order to obtain emission recordings of a new Soviet fire control radar.

Lone Wolf[edit]

Take command of the USS Seawolf (SSN 21) and track down a rogue Russian SSBN crew before they are able to launch missiles against the United States.

Creeping Death[edit]

Hunt a US Ohio class SSBN with a state-of-the-art Russian Akula II SSN

Landing Party[edit]

Deliver Indian special forces operatives into the Pakistani port of Karachi, one of the worlds busiest trade hubs

Game Changer[edit]

Take on a powerful surface group with your choice of either the USS Razorback--a GUPPY class diesel submarine--or the revolutionary USS Nautilus, the worlds first nuclear powered attack submarine.

The Crown Jewels[edit]

Retrieve the device that US Naval Intelligence dubbed 'the Crown Jewels'; a cable-tap placed on a submarine communications cable near the Barents sea port of Severomorsk.

The Good Shepherd[edit]

Covertly escort a shipment of arms to the Yugoslavian port of Split


Evade the USN's best anti-submarine warfare units with a group of five stealthy Victor III class SSNs

The Enemy Below[edit]

Track, intercept and destroy a shipment of arms destined for North Korea during the Korean war

They Shall Not Pass[edit]

Command over a dozen NATO submarines to stem the tide of Soviet submarines attempting to break through the GIUK gap in the opening hours of World War 3. More information.

Beans and Bullets[edit]

Find and destroy a NATO underway replenishment (UNREP) group enroute to resupply the carriers operating in the North Atlantic

Carrier Killer[edit]

Bring to life the nightmare of NATO surface commanders; a coordinated P-700 Granit (NATO: SS-N-19 Shipwreck) cruise missile attack.

Mid-Atlantic Blues[edit]

Intercept and destroy a convoy of war supplies destined for NATO forces in Europe

Long in the Tooth[edit]

Wreak havoc on the US East Coast with an antique November class SSN

By Other Means[edit]

Covertly insert a SEAL team by swimmer delivery vehicle (SDV) into Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam to destroy Soviet capital ships at anchor and dissuade Vietnam from opening a new front in the Pacific.


  • A standalone expansion for Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations: play as a single, separate game, or add it to your collection of scenarios for CMANO
  • 18 standalone scenarios. Each scenario is accompanied by era-authentic mission briefings placing you into the scene of action.
  • A wide range of introductory tutorials, designed to teach you how to get into the game in an approachable and accessible way