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Iran-Iraq Air War A2A Quick Battle[edit]


New Features[edit]

  • You play as the Iranian Air Force using F-4E's, F-14's and F-5's.
  • Ability to activate ground radar for OPFOR and BLUFOR.
  • Ability to select OPFOR and BLUFOR pilot skill ratings.

File:Iran-Iraq War A2A engagement.zip

Iraq War 1991 A2A Quick Battle[edit]


New Features[edit]

  • Selectable locations around Iraq and Kuwait
  • Select starting altitudes of OPFOR and BLUFOR

File:Iraq 91 A2A engagement2.0.zip

Fulda Gap Facedown 1989[edit]


New Features[edit]

  • Air to Ground Strike Simulator
  • Can vary OPFOR SAM systems and targets
  • NATO Ewar and stealth aircraft available

File:Fulda Gap Facedown.zip