Northern Inferno

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Northern Inferno is a cold war themed campaign pack released on October 22nd, 2015. It follows a Clancy-esque opening to WW3. It is set in the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea, Atlantic Ocean and the Kola Peninsula.


While shadowing a Soviet Echo II in the Gibraltar Straits, the Frigate HMS Ashanti was sunk with heavy loss of life. In London, the Prime Minister laid the blame for the incident squarely on the Soviet shoulders and has asked the Soviet Premier for an apology and appropriate reparations.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Politburo has accused the Royal Navy of dangerous violations of international maritime law, and has labelled the incident as "tragic but unavoidable". Both sides have placed their naval forces on full alert.


  1. Opening Moves 07 Aug 1975
  2. Goblin on the Doorstep 14 Aug 1975
  3. The Fast and the Furious 20 Aug 1975
  4. Barents Sea Boomers 24 Aug 1975
  5. Beware of the Badger 30 Aug 1975
  6. The Grey Ghost from the East Coast 04 Sep 1975
  7. The Mighty O 12 Sep 1975
  8. Damn the Torpedos 18 Sep 1975
  9. Fox Two 22 Sep 1975
  10. An Eye for an Eye 26 Sep 1975
  11. Fire and Brimstone 02 October 1975
  12. Hunter or Hunted 08 October 1975
  13. Deliverance 15 Oct 1975
  14. Needle in a Haystack 19 Oct 1975
  15. Fail Safe 20 Oct 1975