GTMF terminology

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  • Squad - single squad (section) or vehicle (tank, APC, gun, etc.)
  • Unit - combination of squads of the same type Battlegroup (BG) group of Units.
  • Operational mode - turn-based 2D map mode, in which units are moved.
  • Tactical mode - 3D mode where the real-time combat occurs.
  • Deployment - tactical mode preparation phase.
  • March - move quickly to a location but give up deployment in tactical mode.
  • Advance - move expecting conflict and given time to deploy in tactical mode.
  • Key Point - a marker on the operational map which is a key to victory if held.
  • Forces - the combined "strength" of units in an area.
  • Area Control - the areas of the map controlled by nearby forces.
  • LOS - line of sight.
  • LOS - line of fire.
  • DLC - downloadable content (i.e. Campaigns.)
  • OOB - order of battle.
  • Posture - on defense or offense.
  • [LMB] - left mouse button - used for selection.
  • [RMB] - right mouse button - used for orders or mode changing.
  • [MMB] - middle mouse button (mouse wheel).