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Emissions control is a huge part of your doctrine. Deciding when the turn your active sensors on, for which units, can make a massive difference. As with the other doctrines you can set EMCON for the entire side, groups, missions, or individual units. There are multiple places in the interface that one can set EMCON. First we will cover the EMCON Window (CTL+F9).

Note : Passive sensors are always receiving data and these settings do not turn them on or off.

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  • Inherit from Parent

This options is not available to the side level. For units, groups, and missions, by checking this the units will follow the side EMCON. Any change made at the parent level will be immediately reflected at the units beneath. If this is checked you will be unable to set EMCON for this unit, group, or mission.

Uncheck the box and you can change the EMCON.

    • Passive : If the unit has an emitting radar it will not turn it on. Unit will still receive radar signals if equipped with the proper passive sensor.
    • Active : Unit will turn on emitting radar.

If the unit has a damaged radar it will not emit even if set to Active. Going radar active can give you a much better combat picture but also makes your unit potentially visible, or more visible, than it was prior to going active.

    • Passive : If the unit is equipped with OECM it will not turn it on.
    • Active : The unit will turn on the OECM suite and attempt to jam hostile radars.
    • Passive : If the unit has an emitting sonar it will not turn it on. Unit will still receive sonar if equipped with a proper passive sensor.
    • Active : Unit will turn on the sonar system.

The submarine tutorials deal with this but, as a sub, it can be very dangerous to turn on your sonar. Hostile units, from very far away, can pinpoint your location without you being able to detect them with your sonar.

It's worth noting that certain mission types allow the unit to remain passive until it is in the mission zone. At which point the unit would go active, if the EMCON is set active.

The EMCON screen is available via the Mission interface where you can set the Mission Doctrine and Escort Doctrine. You may also select individual units, multiple units, or a group and press CTL+F9 to bring up the Doctrine menu for that group or units.

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In addition to the doctrine menu you may change sensor settings by selecting a unit or group. There are five places that you can make changes. Some bring up the Doctrine Window, or the EMCON window, while F2 brings up the sensors window. Finally you can adjust the status on the Unit EMCON tab by select Active or Passive. Changes made at one location are reflected at the others.

The Sensors window adds information beyond active sensors and also allows finer tuning if you so desire. Normally this is not necessary.

Strategies for Use[edit]

Choosing EMCON may be defined by the mission or you may be able to adjust it as needed. One good example is an AEW aircraft paired with fighters. By only allowing the AEW aircraft to emit your fighters may be invisible to the hostiles, or it may force the hostile to turn there radar on to see them offering your aircraft a significant advantage.

Submarines need to evade sonar and rarely use it actively. However ASW operations may thunder about with sonar active, except maybe you want to leave a [Udaloy] quiet to attempt to trick the hostile sub.

Please add EMCON strategies that you may use.